Canine Academy Training Center has a program where we will donate a working dog to a police or fire agency at no cost to the agency. The funds from community donations will purchase a canine and the handler school for a department that is lacking in funds or has a great need for K9 service. We will take applications from agencies who meet the criteria of this program and donate a canine to them as soon as the funds have been raised through this program. This means we may give one canine a year away or one canine a month. It is all dependent on community funding. The average cost for a canine can range from $5000-$12,000 depending on the breed and whether the dog has handler protection included. We are looking to the community to aid in sponsoring these canines and get them out to deserving agencies.

There are several ways to Sponsor a working dog
  • Donate via Paypal any amount that you want

  • Name a dog for the program

    For a $500 sponsorship, this is a great way to remember your own pet or loved one. We will post the Name of the Dog on the Website and a sponsorship name if desired. You will receive a complimentary K9 T-shirt and a K9 Hero pin.
  • Purchase from USBONES.com

    USBONES.com will donate 25% to the program when you purchase treats, toys, bones rawhides etc if you use a USBONES.com link from this page.

For Police & Fire deparments seeking a working dog

The following list provides the minimum critera for Police and Fire agencies to apply the program. Please call if you woul like to seek an exception to criteria below.

  1. Department Head must be the applicant
  2. Department must be able to maintain the K9's living and medical/veterinary costs after receiving the canine including heartworm prevention
  3. Department must serve a community base under approx. 20,000 in population or have less than 15 paid officers or firefighters (we are not including volunteers)
  4. Department will need to fill out the application in full and supply a written essay showing the needs of the department to receive a donated canine
  5. Department must provide documentation that is required in the application
  6. Department must pay the officers salary and room and board while they are at the handler school. The handler school and all equipment needed for the school are included in the program

Download the application

After you submit your application, we will keep it on file. There is no need to apply more than once. We will notify you if you have been selected and start the process of scheduling your training course.