Doggie Daycare (and Playdays!)

Canine Academy Training Center now offers doggie daycare for your pup to have fun and socialize with other dogs. All dogs participating in doggie daycare must be friendly with all other dogs and be spayed or neutered if they are over 12 months in age. All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies, DHLPP and bordetella.

We have outdoor play yards that are filled with fun things for your pup to do. Want to play in the water?...YOU CAN!  Want to play with toys? YOU CAN! Want to dig in the dirt or play in some mud? YOU CAN! Just want to hang out in the shade and watch the butterflies go by? YOU CAN! We have everything a dog would like to do available. We keep the play groups small so there are no issues over resources and we monitor the dogs at all times.

Your pup will go home tired and happy at the end of the day.....which means that you can have some relaxing time in the evening for yourself. We recommend that active dogs participate in daycare 2-3 times a week to help manage their energy and keep them socialized

Hours and Pricing
  • Doggie Daycare is open for drop-offs from 7-8am Mon-Friday
  • Pickup hours are from 4-6pm Mon-Friday

You must schedule your days for doggie daycare ahead of time.....we will not accept unscheduled drop offs.

If you do not pick up by 6pm we will place your dog into boarding for the evening at our regular boarding rate of $20/night.

  • Daycare is $20/day and includes treats, all playtime, rest time and personal attention.
  • Special packages:
    • 10 days for $180 ($18/day)
    • 30 days for $450 ($15/day)
Need Training while your pup is here?

We can do some extra obedience training with your pup during the day if you'd like. We can work on a specific behavior such as loose leash walking, sits, downs, mat, wait or leave it or anything else you would like us to work on. We can also start doing some trick training with your pup where we teach, shake, spin, roll over, tunnel, jump over a bar and more.

  • Cost: $20/half hour lesson
  • Special Packages
    • 10 lessons for $180
    • 30 lessons for $450
We are Certified Pet Dog Trainers!