Canine Academy Training Center offers boarding for all your vacation needs. Proof of vaccinations is required.

 We will be closed for drop off and pick up on the following days: 
  • Memorial Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving and day after

  • Christmas Eve, Dec 24

  • Christmas Day, Dec 25

  • New Years Eve, Dec 31

  • New Years Day, Jan 1

Rates: Effective January 1, 2017 the new rates are

$25 for first dog overnight

$20 for each additional dog for overnight

Hours for pickup and dropoff will be scheduled ahead of time to fit each clients needs. There will be no unannounced drop offs or pickups. Dogs that are not picked up within 30 minutes of scheduled time will spend another night and owner must reschedule the pickup time.

dog mister

Our new misting system helps keep your dog cool during the hot central Texas summer.

New Treats and Playtime Options

Playtime Options

Swim Time: Your dog can enjoy a 15 minute swim session in the large main pool located on the academy's grounds. We will let your pup swim and play with him/her in the pool for each swim session. Pictures will be taken of your pup enjoying the water and provided to you upon checkout.
$10 per swim session.

Dog Park Trip: Your pup will get a trip offsite to a local dog park and spend 30 minutes of romping with other dogs and playing in the lake that is in the park. The dog park is an enclosed park and has an area for smaller dogs.
$50 per trip.


We also now offer three treats for the dogs that can be pre-ordered for your dogs stay:

Frosty Paws

Frosty Paws Doggie Ice Cream Cups: It's not ice cream, but your dog will think it is! Did you know that ice cream is not good for dogs? Dairy products are often difficult to digest, and can upset your dog's stomach. Frosty Paws were developed as a healthy replacement for ice cream. They are a nutritious frozen treat, fortified with protein, vitamins and minerals dogs need for good health. Frosty Paws have no added sodium, sugar,artificial flavors or artificial colors. And dogs love Frosty Paws because they are cold, delicious and refreshing.
$3 per cup

Everlasting TreatsHoliday schedule

Everlasting Treats: Bursting with real chicken, liver, BBQ and vanilla mint flavor, the Everlasting Treats provide long lasting chewing enjoyment for your dog. Specially formulated ingredients are completely edible and digestible, with a taste dogs can’t resist. Their unique shape and raised dental ridges safely scrub your dog’s teeth for an extra clean and fresh doggie smile. Dogs love Everlasting Treats as a healthy snack, or inserted into the Everlasting Treat Ball, Everlasting Fire Plug, or Everlasting Beanie Ball for hours of fun and challenging interactive play. Pavlov’s dogs wouldn’t have needed a bell to drool over these tasty treats! The treat holder remains at the kennel. Pricing includes the treat portion only.....if you'd like a holder to take home for later use, please inquire at time of drop off or at time of booking.